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On behalf of the Jordan Lions Minor Hockey Association (JLMHA), we would like to welcome you to Jordan Arena and are pleased that you will be participating in the 2019 Dick Catterall Select Tournament


Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) Rules will be the basic format for this OMHA Sanctioned Tournament and including set rules below:

1. OMHA Rosters (or the equivalent for the other associations) are mandatory. Travel Permits are also required for all teams. Players not on approved Rosters will not be permitted to play. Game sheets are verified prior to game.

2. Please pay attention to the location of your games as we are utilizing 2 arenas on Friday January 11 & 13. (Jordan Arena & Fleming Centre). Addresses are on the tournament website under Tournament Venues.

3. OMHA Game sheets must be filled in completely, signed, and initialed by all rostered team officials before each game at the tournament office. These game sheets will not leave the Tournament Office. Please come at least 20min prior to game to fill out.

4. Players arriving late will be permitted to go to the bench during a stoppage in play, until the end of the first period, provided they are listed on the game sheet.

5. Team officials can obtain an assigned dressing room key from the tournament office if desired. JLMHA is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.

6. At least one certified coach and one certified trainer must be on the bench prior to the start of each game. If a certified trainer is not present the opposing team’s certified trainer can act on behalf of both teams. Only rostered team officials are allowed on the team bench.

7. In the event of conflicting colours, the home team must change sweaters. If you have only 1 set, please notify Tournament Director.

8. Absolutely no changes to the schedule will be considered for any team's convenience. However, JLMHA reserves the right to change the tournament schedule if required.

9. Failure of any team to play their scheduled game(s) during the tournament will result in the total points available five (5) being awarded to the opposing team for the game(s) in question.

10. Teams are expected to be ready 15min prior to the scheduled game time. Games will start no earlier then 15min prior to scheduled time and 1st game of the day will not start earlier then scheduled time.

11. Players will have a 2min warm up, game will start promptly after.

12. Preliminary Games will be 10-10-10 minute stop time periods with no curfew. Semi-Finals (SF) & Finals will be 10-10-15 minute stop time periods. SF, and Finals are subject to overtime (see below).

13. Each team is allowed one (1) 30 second time out per game in SEMI & FINALS ONLY.

14. All players must wear Hockey Canada approved equipment. This equipment must be kept in place at all times when on the ice surface and bench areas.

15. Minor Penalties shall be two minutes in length. Any player receiving three (3) minor penalties of any infraction in one game shall be ejected from that game. Major penalties shall be five minutes in length. A player or team official removed from a game by the referee for a Match, Gross Misconduct, or a Fighting Major will not be permitted to participate in any future games in the tournament.

16. No Body Contact in any Division.

17. Coaches and parents are responsible for their player’s behaviour/conduct at all times.

18. Verbal or physical abuse by team officials, players, parents, or fans will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the arena property for the balance of the tournament.

19. Mouth guards are mandatory for all OMHA teams.

20. All players will shake hands at the start of each game. Referees will not allow shaking hands after games

21. FOR ALL GAMES, in the event that there is a 5 goal or more score differential with less than 5 minutes remaining in the 3rd period, the clock will become running time. If the goal differential becomes within 4, the clock will revert back to stop time. During running time, the clock will stop if any injuries occur on the ice. Game officials have the right to stop the clock at any given time during this running time.



All preliminary periods and game results count towards point accumulation:

·       Maximum of 5 points can be won by a team, each game.

·       Winning a period is worth 1 point.

·       A tied period is worth ½ point for each team.

·       Winning the game is worth 2 points, a loss is worth 0.

·       A tied game is worth 1 point for each team.


Ties in standings after preliminary play will be decided in the following order;

  1. The winner of the game between the tied teams (if 2 teams tied).
  2. Winner of most periods won.
  3. Least goals against.
  4. Least penalty minutes.
  5. Coin toss.



  • Quarter Finals (Peewee only), Semi Finals & Championship Game sheets are to be filled out in the order of shootout players if it comes to a shootout. If you use stickers for team roster, please number 1-10.
  • If the score is tied at the end of regulation, teams will play a five-minute (5min), three on three stop time sudden death overtime period.
  • Penalties will be called in overtime.
  • If the score is still tied at the end of the 1st overtime period, a three (3) player shootout will occur (3 players selected prior to game time).
  • If the score is still tied, then a one (1) player sudden death shootout will occur. As mentioned above, the Shootout Order will be decided by each team prior to the game as indicated on the game sheet; the 3-players who have already shot will not shoot again until all players have shot once. If the number of players on the rosters is not equal, the team with the greater number of players will have the option to drop players to the same number as the team with lesser players.
  • The Game is over when only one team scores and the winner is declared! 



Questions relating to clarification of the rules or matters not covered in the rules should be addressed to the tournament rules committee. Their decision shall be final.

Jordan Lions Minor Hockey Association, the tournament host/organizers do not accept any responsibility for theft, damage, accident or injury to participants, spectators, equipment or personal belongings for the duration of the tournament.



ALL GAMES will be held at Jordan Arena with the exception on January 11th and 13th There are scheduled games at the Fleming Center in Beamsville. These specific games on dates mentioned above are highlighted on each division schedule.


  • Tournament office is located upstairs.
  • Upstairs space is available to store hockey bags/equipment. Please keep in mind JLMHA is not responsible for any lost/stolen, damaged items.
  • The upstairs also offers ice surface views for those that would like to watch game from upstairs, in the warmth.
  • There is to be absolutely no bags/equipment stored in arena lobby as space is limited and is a safety hazard.
  • Limited number of tables and chairs will be available upstairs for short-term use. Space is limited and is first come, first served. Please keep in mind the tournament office shares this space and we ask the noise level to be kept to a minimal. We reserve the right to close off this section for bag/equipment storage use only.


We wish to stress sportsmanship among players, coaches, and spectators.


Have fun and best of luck during the tournament!

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